“Clouds in the sky will come and go,
beyond is the ever-present blue sky.”

Lotus Flower | Traditional Japanese Martial Arts | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Philosophy | Traditional Martial Arts | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Makion-Ha Bujutsu is an authentic warrior tradition being taught in the traditional method of the arts of the koryu (old flow). These koryu arts are complete martial systems and are taught as they were in the times prior to the formation of the do (path, way) or gendai (modern) arts.

Through Makion-Ha Bujutsu one can fully attain the two foundations of the koryu arts: Fudoshin (immovable heart) and Junanshin (flexibility of mind and spirit), both of which are necessary to survive combat in all its forms. Through continual martial training with real intent, and proper discipline, a student achieves presence in each moment.

Takamatsu | Traditional Japanese Martial Arts | Melbourne, Victoria, AustraliaWhilst do arts involve self-examination and moving in harmony, they are moving without an end point. The arts of bujutsu (martial science) are concerned neither with competition nor winning, but with endurance and acceptance. Traditional bujutsu is taught one-to-one, with a basis of direct transmission between student and teacher. This teacher-student relationship journeys beyond the point of Menkyo (complete  knowledge), to the end point of Menkyo Kaiden (total transmission), where the duality of teacher/student ends and there is only unity.