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Lotus Flower | Traditional Japanese Martial Arts | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Makion-Ha Bujutsu (“Tree of Kindness School of Warrior Arts”) is a complete and integrated system of training in traditional Japanese martial arts. It incorporates authentic techniques and training methods for effective self-protection. In addition, Makion-Ha Bujutsu promotes a healthy and balanced way of life, and offers a path to self-knowledge and spiritual awakening.

The discipline of traditional etiquette, and the absence of commercial interests or competition, cultivates an atmosphere of respect and kindness so that the study of martial arts is made safe and enjoyable for all. Relying on relaxed, natural movements, Makion-Ha Bujutsu is generally suitable for people of all ages.

If you are interested in learning self-defence and in becoming more calm, confident, happy and centered in daily life, you are welcome to make contact and arrange to visit a class.

Regular classes are held in Melbourne and country Victoria, Australia, and in Toronto, Canada. Fees vary between locations – your first class is always free.